What a great January 19 - check out our students' wonderful work :))

What a wonderfully creative start to the year !

Well, like many, Winter is not our favourite time of the year, and as I write this, snow is looming on the horizon! But…on a warmer note, January 19 has been our best month ever!! Ubie has taught more students than ever before, with lots of new faces. But it’s also been terrific to welcome back some of our previous students (some of whom came to our very first class in 2017!).

We are enjoying welcoming our lovely students to our home studio which is going really well!!

We have also launched our new class Mandotla! We were stunned with the brilliant work our first students did!! If you haven’t checked this one out - why not take a look and learn some new arty skills! You can find out more here

Hot on the heels of Mandotla…. we have trialled the next course too, which is shaping up to be another super creative experience! We are most likely going to be calling that Mindful Pattern Designs! Unless we can dream up a more exciting name!! Any ideas?! Keep an eye open for the launch!

We have pulled together some of our fave pics of our artists’ works below. Take a look - you may recognise yourself and your work!

For those of you who came - a BIG BIG thank-you for your support and we look forward to seeing you again in 2019! And for those thinking about it - please come - you’d be very welcome !!

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