Here's what our wonderful students have been up to in the last 3 months!

We have had over lots and lots of lovely students come learn Mandala Drawing, Painting, and our new classes, Mandotla and Mindful Pattern Design in last couple of months :)

It’s been a while since we posted up some pics of our lovely students’ work! Sorry about that! It’s been busy here and so have you been !!

We love welcoming you to our West Dulwich studio for some warm creativity! Sometimes there’s a little nervous trepidation, sometimes there’s a ‘I will never do that’ comment, occasionally there’s a ‘I haven’t done any art since I was at school and I miss it!’ comment, but ALWAYS after Ubie puts her creative and supportive arms round you, you ALL come up with some really gorgeous work.

Many comment on how centred, relaxed and inspired they feel….and therein lies the beauty of art!

A great escape from your everyday busy-ness and stresses and strains!

Here’s just a small selection of your great work!

If you have been thinking about coming - please do! And for those who have been thinking about coming back - you know the drill!! We will welcome you with open arms, a cuppa and a nice choccie biccie or 6!!