Our Art Classes

We run a range of Mandala and Mindful creativity themed art classes at our home studio in West Dulwich

We have a schedule of classes but can also fit with your timings - please contact us to arrange!

Mandala Classes

Mindful Design Classes

watercolour classes


All About our art classes

Our classes use a Mandala or Mindful Creation theme. From time to time we run themed classes too!

Our classes are designed as a super-relaxing, creative escape from everyday life.

Our Mandala classes were our first and are super popular! We have taught over 300 students the joys of this structured, symmetrical form. Mandalas can be as simple or as intricate as you like. We LOVE them because once you have learned the techniques there are endless designs you can work on as you build up patterns and colour. The art form is perfect for ALL levels as the structure guides you in your creativity. The Drawing Class pairs beautifully with our Painting and Colour Class but each class can also be attended separately as a standalone experience

Our Mindful Creativity classes are our new ones for 2019! These are slightly longer classes where you immerse yourself in learning super artistic and graphic design skills. Mandotla uses Mandala symmetry and paint dotting to create wonderful 3D objects. Mindful Pattern Design, starts from simple dots, lines and planes to work up to intricate beautiful and original pieces.

You will be delighted with what you can create in a morning or afternoon of creative relaxation!

Our classes are perfect for adults and children (8up) of all levels of ability.